Soil Investigations for Oregon Land Use Laws

Provide first-order soil surveys and soil reports in compliance with Statewide Planning Goals of the State of Oregon and for county governments. This includes Lot-of-Record, High-Value Farmland, and Prime Farmland Determinations.
Provide Onsite Soil Evaluations for Exclusive Farm Use and Forest Zoning Cases
Forest Site Productivity Determinations
Capability Class Determinations
Servicing the Willamette Valley and Western Oregon

ARCPACS Certified Soil Classifier/ Soil Scientist









ARCPACS Certified Soil Classifier
- soil scientist who is certified as a soil classifier by ARCPACS
(A Federation of Certifying Boards in Agronomy, Biology, Earth and Environmental Sciences. This designation is the only acceptable credential of the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Administrative rules.

High-Value Farmland
- land in a tract composed predominantly of soils that are prime, unique, Class I or II, and other soils as specified in the rule. These other soils include the wet clay soils on valley terraces that are generally used for grass seed production, and moderately sloping soils on low foothills.

Prime Farmland-
the best soils from a national perspective--easy to farm, suitable for a wide variety of crops, producing the highest yields.