Soil Science in the Vineyard
Red Hill Soils specializes in providing precision soil mapping and soil science support to Oregon vineyards to ensure Oregon's reputation for world class wine.

Precision Soil Mapping in the Vineyard

Soil Services:

Precision Soil Mapping in the Vineyard
Onsite Soil Evaluations for Winegrowers
Site Evaluations for New Vineyards
User Friendly Technical Support and Personal Consultations
Global Positioning System and Geographic Information System Technology
Complete Soil Analysis for Nutrients


Improve and Ensure Winegrape Quality and Consistency
Increase Precision and Profitablilty in Vineyard Management
Intelligently Manage Water and Vigor
Gain Knowledge of Soil Variability
Identify Soil Factors Contributing to the Vineyard's Terroir

What is WineSoil?

How Does WineSoil Compare with the Traditional County Soil Survey? Find Out