Forest Soils

Service Oriented:
Soil mapping and consulting on forest soil management issues.
Provide interpretations for site preparation, regeneration, species selection, site classification, harvesting and forest roads.
Provide soil information for your geographic information system.
Customized services for Oregon Tree Farmers.
Onsite soil information for riparian area restoration.
Watershed Assessments Forestry impacts on watersheds and land health.


Soil mapping experience includes both code mapping and USDA-style mapping experience in the Pacific Northwest, Southeast Coastal Plain and Piedmont and Midwest Regions.
Experienced in silvicultural research, including site preparation, erosion control and nutrient management. Experimental design, installation and project management.
Over 15 years experience in Natural Resource Management, including soil science, forestry and fisheries experience.
Previous clients and employers include: Union Camp Corporation, Champion International, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Willamette Industries, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and National Council for Air and Stream Improvement of the Paper Industry (NCASI).
ARCPACS Certified Professional Soil Classifier and Soil Scientist.










ARCPACS Certified Soil Classifier- soil scientist who is certified as a soil classifier by ARCPACS (A Federation of Certifying Boards in Agronomy, Biology, Earth and Environmental Sciences. This designation is the only acceptable credential of the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Administrative rules.