Watershed Assessment and Analysis
There are two ways to apply conservation to land. One is to superimpose some particular practice upon the pre-existing system of land use, without regard to how it fits or what it does to or for other interests involved.
The other is to recognise and gear up the farming, forestry, game cropping, erosion control, scenery, or whatever values may be involved so they collectively comprise a harmonious balanced system of land-use."
Aldo Leopold, 1935

What is Happening Today?

There is a movement in Oregon whereby people of all interests are coming together to work out their differences and to make changes towards a future. A future where salmon still swim up rivers, up cold creeks and into fir and hemlock forest. A future where people can make a living and enjoy a rich life.

Red Hill Soils is committed to such a future and provides watershed assessments as a tool for people to achieve this goal in their watershed.

What is Watershed Assessment?

Watershed assessment and analysis is an interdisciplinary approach to understanding how a watershed works. In an assessment the team collects data and gathers information, and where there are serious information gaps they may generate new data. Data about sediment delivery, water quality, fish and wildlife habitat and many types of information on the human population are analyzed and synthesized. The main products of the assessment include the process itself and a report with a set of interpretive and analytical maps. The process involves plenty of input from citizens of the watershed. This serves as a dynamic tool for creating action plan for watershed protection, restoration and management.

The Assessment Team

Each team is customized to fit the watershed and may include: soil scientist, geomorphologist, fish biologist, forester, hydologist, sociologist, wildlife biologist, and geographic information system (GIS) specialist and as well as professionals from other disciplines.

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